Tai Chi (for Arthritis) 1  




     Tai Chi for Arthritis 1 is the cornerstone of the Tai Chi for Health program developed by Dr. Paul Lam and the Tai Chi for Health Institute.  This class is suitable for anyone and is especially good for those brand new to tai chi or with compromised health or joints.  It is endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation as an effective and safe form of exercise even for those with extreme joint degeneration.  This class starts out with gentle physician created qigong warm ups that safely open all the major joints of the body.  We then flow through the entire routine together after which we learn the individual movements or postures one at a time in great detail with plenty of time to practice and commit the movement to memory.  After practicing the individual movement several times we then incorporate that movement into the rest of the tai chi form.  We close the class with cool down exercises that settle the energy and express gratitude for the body we have. 

   This tai chi form has been shown in clinical research to significantly improve balance and prevent falling.  It is a very symmetrical form utilizing both left and right sides of the mindbody evenly with focus on safety, efficient movement and bodily awareness. Depending on the level of practice and commitment, most people can learn this form within a couple of months compared to the years it takes to learn some tai chi forms. If balance is a significant issue, this class can be done seated to slowly integrate standing as core strength and stamina progresses. 


    I have created a video series to accompany learning this simplified Sun style routine that makes learning it even easier. To preview this self-paced, online training free for three days before the minimal $7.99/mo payment kicks in, go here: 




                               Tai Chi (for Arthritis) 2 

 Tai Chi for Arthritis 2 is the second part of Tai Chi for Arthritis 1 and adds considerable

depth to the routine with complex postures.  Unless being taught integrated as TCA 1+2, chi activists needs to learn TCA part 1 before TCA 2.  This addition to the form adds just three new postures that brings the total TCA 1+2 form to 40 moves, making it a substantial tai chi form. Instructor is certified to teach this class and attends update workshops every two years to ensure safety and high standards.  Tai Chi 2 is available through self-paced online video training free for 3 days before the minimal$7.99/month payment kicks in. That’s less than 1 in-person class!  




                             Tai Chi for Diabetes


   Tai Chi for Diabetes was created by a team of MDs and tai chi experts to help those with diabetes have a safe and effective method of exercise that helps manage some of the symptoms of diabetes like neuropathy and weight control.  It is a nice  beginner tai chi routine even for those who do not have blood sugar issues.  TCD puts particular emphasis on the meditative movement called Wave Hands Like Clouds which has been shown in medical studies to increase metabolism. 

   TCD utilizes both Sun and Yang styles of traditional tai chi to help stimulate the liver, gall bladder and stomach meridians (energy highways) to manage blood sugar issues. It is a dynamic, balance enhancing, relaxing form of exercise that reduces stress while increasing mindbody health and awareness.  Certified instructor attends professional update training every 2 years to ensure safety. Class begins with warm up exercises that focus on mindbody awareness. Then we practice/learn the TCD routine and end with body-loving cool downs.  Class utilizes StepWise Progressive Teaching Method and online videos to supplement live classes and make implementing/learning tai chi as easy as possible. 



 Introduction to Qigong - 8 Week Series

 Based on the Supreme Science Qigong System

Week 1+2: Level 1 with theory

Week 3+4: Level 2 with theory

Week 5+6: Level 3: Wuji Walking with theory

Week 7+8: Strength Training Qigong

Classes are approximately 60 minutes in length, appropriate for all ages and abilities.

The Supreme Science Qigong Level 1 Healing Form is available as part of our online video training.  To check out all the library has to offer free for 3 days, click here to become a video member: 





                           BaMen Tai Chi/Qigong: Traditional Temple Training


                                                      It is an honor to be able to share this very ancient sytle of tai chi that pre-dates most tai chi being

                                                    taught in the US.    BaMen (8 Gates) is passed on through me by Grand Master Jeffery B. Cook who

                                                    is a lineage holder. It is 2,300 years old and comes from the Wu Dan Temple of central China.  This

                                                    class is appropriate for anyone, but if you are athletically inclined and more accustomed to Western styles of exercise, this will probably be the class for you.  It utilizes three primary exercises: 1) Dao Mo's 18 Muscle Tendon Changing Classic (Yi Jin Ching) -  a qigong routine that dates to the 5th century Shaolin Temple which uses bi-lateral, isometric training, visualizations, and balance combined with intense breathing techniques for a full mindbody work out.

2) Five Beasts at Play (Wu Xian) - a complex qigong routine that looks more like tai chi than qigong  from 206 BC that combines flowing movements, agile steps, balance and intense breathwork to balance the five elements within the body.

3) BaMen - 2,300 year old tai chi routine that is designed to activate the flow of chi in the mindbody using complex, flowing movements. 

   This class requires commitment and at home practice. There is no video support for this traditional temple training.  It is taught as it has been for thousands of years requiring the student to fully engage the mind to remember the forms.  This is the most complex class I teach and while everyone can do it, some become intimidated by it's complicated nature.  It is my personal favorite and I find it more beneficial to my own health and well being than any of the other things I teach.  As with most things, what you put into it, you get out of it.  


                  Wuji Walking - Qigong Balance Work

  Wuji is considered one of the supreme forms of qigong and emphasizes   awareness of balance in posture, gait and movement through space while  connecting with the energetic field.  The focus of this class is balance   improvement using functional mobility training found in the slow motion   stepping of Wuji gong. 

   This class is suitable for anyone working to improve balance and mobility as well as those seeking a more tangible connection with the field of chi or life force energy.  Because there is no pattern of movement to follow, wuji is easy to do,  fun and engages the mind's creative side.  Wuji means formless, that which existed before the material.  By releasing our rational mind in flowing practice of wuji, we balance our creative, flowing, wave-like selves with our reason-based, practical, physical selves to achieve harmony between yin and yang. 

     We begin with warm ups that include stretching, centering and light breathwork.  We go through various qigong balance training exercises and chi mindfulness activities before engaging in the wuji walking practices.  This session is appropriate for anyone who wishes to attain better balance in mindbody AND anyone wishing to connect with the electromagnetic field we all share on a more tangible level.  Chairs are available for those with balance issues.  These classes will challenge both those with and without balance related issues.  So if you find it hard, you're not alone ;)   It's only through challenge that we improve ourselves. 

                         Sun 73 Tai Chi

                                                            This traditional long form style of tai chi is fun, challenging and soothing all at the same time!

                                                       This "young" style of tai chi was developed by Master Sun Lu-Tang (1861-1932) when he was

                                                       about 50 years old and already a recognized and undefeated master of martial arts. Sun Style tai

                                                       chi incorporates the agile footwork of Bagua, the lightness of Xing Yi Xue, and the hand

                                                       movements of tai chi chuan to create a routine that is subtly strengthening and generates a lot of

                                                       internal energy. It is very appropriate for beginners and for those who want to learn a longer,

                                                       more meditative and meaningful form.  It is a smooth flowing routine that is used in competitions

                                                       as a standard. That means if you learn this form and integrate it well, you could actually enter a tai

                                                       Chi competition with it, if you like to compete. I'm thinking Senior Olympics!



          This long form comes with video support when taken as a livestream on Zoom with me and is also available for self-directed study in the Video Members Subscription page. Be prepared to do homework. Learning a long traditional form takes time in the beginning but then you have a complete fitness routine that you'll be able to do anywhere literally for the rest of your life!  (Unlike Zumba, Crossfit and many other Western exercises that cannot be continued as we age). For many practitioners of chi arts, it’s the longer forms that create the meditative state partly because of their length. More time=more deeper calm and harmonic resonance of being.  

      Click below to start your self-paced, online Sun 73 video training free for 3 days before the minimal $7.99/month kicks in.  While the entire course is not yet loaded, there’s plenty of lessons to get you started while I continue posting more videos to this project.  


Yi Jin Ching BeachsideQigong.com

Yi Jin Ching Qigong = DaoMo 18 Muscle Tendon Changing Classic

This all time classic qigong exercise has it all: isometric strengthening, flexibility training, balance work, intense breath work and visualization all packed into a tight little package.  This, quite simply, is the most succinct, powerful qigong training I’ve found in over 25 years of exploring chi arts, which is why I do it every single day!

Created by Bodhidharma (also called DaoMo) in the 6th Century as a result of a 9 year meditation, this set is world renowned for being the crux of Shaolin Kung Fu.  While there are some YouTube videos that say they are Yi Jin Ching, I have never seen one that matches what I teach.  It is passed on through me from martial arts Grand Master Jeffery B. Cook, who is a lineage holder so I know this is real Shaolin qigong.  You can only learn it by coming to a live class as I will never put it on video of do it via internet connections.  We pass it on as it has been done for centuries: from teacher to student live and in person only.  

It takes a while to learn the set, but once learned you can practice it any time in any space, even a very small space (think quarantine quarters or live-aboard boat) and it only takes about 10-15 minutes to practice this comprehensive mindbody training.  I was told by a qigong friend of mine who has a masters degree in strength training and is a football coach that this set engages every single muscle group in a safe and efficient manner. Come to class and experience for yourself why this set is considered one of if not the most coveted set in all of qigong.


 Tai Chi 1 in 17 Weeks

Learn an entire beginner-friendly tai chi form in just 17 weeks!  In Person and Zoom options. Easy to use Zoom interactive classes make it easier to attend a live class with feedback from a qualified instructor.  

This beginner friendly class meets 1x/week for 17 weeks.  We learn a qigong warm up set that's safe and effective for opening all the joints. Then we practice the whole TC1 set together.  Then we learn it one step at a time. Each class is a different lesson so it is sequential in nature and works best if you attend as many sessions as possible in the course starting at the beginning.

(For Zoom classes only: By connecting class participants on WhatsApp, I will record each class lesson and post the video in the WhatsApp group chat. That way every participant has access to each lesson on video to practice and perfect the movement before the next class.  If you have to miss a class for some reason, you will be able to view the lesson you missed on the WhatsApp group chat to learn it on your own.)

The hardest part about tai chi is learning it! After that you have it to cultivate forever.  The hardest part about learning tai chi on Zoom is the initial set up of tech and the WhatsApp group chat.  After that, it's easy and all makes perfect sense.  As with all things, the journey of a thousand miles, starts by taking the first step.

After learning TC1, if you choose to progress further in your tai chi training, you will have the option to take Tai Chi 2 when a new class starts.  But that is not necessary to learn the entire Tai Chi 1 set, as it can stand alone or be added to in part 2 to make it more "in depth."   The next step, if you choose to accept it, would be Sun 73 Tai Chi, which will transform your practice entirely now studying at a much deeper level of understanding.  Options are nice. 

Beachside Qigong and Tai Chi

Grateful to share these practices which have restored my own health and tremendously enhanced my personal practice.  The general exercises, meditations and specific qigong protocols come from Medical Qigong Master David Coon, with whom I studied these techniques. The food & alchemical healing recommendations come from Supreme Science Qigong Jeff Primack’s Conquering Any Disease food healing protocols. Combined and used as recommended, these protocols pack a powerful healing punch. These practices are not remedies for ailments and are only 1 part of Medical Qigong Healing which also includes consultation, chi transmission to ignite change and dietary/environmental changes if needed. (Contact Lea to schedule your private consultation in person or via Zoom)

Each class includes: Recommended qigong exercises, food healing, alchemical healing, PDF downloads of the protocols, Video of Live class session, 20 minute practice video of recommended exercises, 14 videos in all. Optional private medical qigong chi transmission session is available in concert with this class. 

All Qigong is medical because it affects the health and well-being of our mindbody.  That being said, medical qigong consists of particular recommendations or “prescriptions” that follow a specific alchemical process assisting with the ailment it is being used for.  Medical qigong consists of physical exercises and meditations done in a specific order and for a certain amount of time-just like taking a pill is done at a certain dosage a certain number of times.  Prescriptions that are followed and taken as recommended typically work much better than those who directions are not adhered to.  It’s the same with moving and meditative remedies. Medical qigong also is a type of treatment done by a qualified practitioner who, through training, can transmit and transmute various forms of energy/chi in the mindbody. This can be done in person in a treatment room or via distance healing (I offer Zoom or phone sessions).

You can take the entire exercise series or take just the class you want.  

Week 1: Overview of 10 Basic Exercises 

Week 2: Recommendations for Anger/Depression/Liver Healing (exercises, meditations and foods)

Week 3: Recommendations for Heart Disease (1st half) and Chronic Fatigue (2nd half) (exercises and meditations)

Week 4: Recommendations for Lowering Blood Pressure (1st half) and Thyroid Balancing (2nd half) (exercises & meditations)

Week 5: Recommendations for Back Pain (1st half) and Fibromyalgia (2nd half) (exercises & meditations)

Week 6: Recommendations for Headache/Migraines & Eye Healing Protocol (exercises & meditations)

Series Options: 1) purchase single class session = $20

                       2) purchase entire 6 week series = $99

                       3) purchase entire 6 week series + 1 private 30 minute medical qigong session (to be scheduled) = $150

   The Golden Dragon Series is now available through self-paced, online video training using recordings of live class videos, shorter pre-recorded practice videos and downloadable PDFs with protocols and food healing recommendations for each dis-easement.  To purchase this invaluable resource and have it at your disposal FOREVER, go here:     

The Ultimate Breathing Workshop

WHAT:  Limited number of participants allowed so pay and reserve your spot ASAP! This is my all time favorite workshop to teach because when I first took it as a participant over a decade ago it changed to course of my life and left my feeling high for over a month afterwards!

Ready to get inspired? If you've been trying to overcome an addiction, create more vitality in your life or clear past traumas and nothing's really working, this workshop will give you the results you seek. In this powerful 3 hour session you'll learn breathing techniques that will send your energy levels sky high! 

We begin by understanding the differences between healthy and unhealthy breathing habits and what they do to us. Then the magic begins  with the detoxifying Breath Empowerment Meditation which we do laying down (bring a yoga mat or blanket you want to lay on). Then we spend time learning and practicing Tibetan  tummo breathing in the 9 Breath Method. We cap it all off with the 9 Breath Healing Circle Meditation designed to help your reach your highest potential.


The benefits of this workshop are far reaching and long lasting including: improved overall breathing, full body detox, higher energy levels, feeling of full body bliss, hyper-oxygenation of blood, increased micro-circulation to organs and brain and much, much more.  You don't want to miss this opportunity to expand your consciousness and improve your health using nothing but your life-giving breath!

$65 includes handouts, practice video links and extreme healing vibrations that can change your life forever.

What to bring: yoga mat or blanket to lay on; beverage of choice, light snacks if required.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments to certified instructor Lea Williamson (321-759-3141).

I'm so excited that you're going to be there! You're gonna be amazed at the healing power of your breath!

Flexible workshop schedule:

Talk Healthy vs Unhealthy Breathing

Breath Empowerment Guided Meditation 


Learning 9 Breath Method Technique with Tibetan Tummo breathing

World Healing 9 Breath Healing Circle with sharing to close


This workshop is appropriate for and can help with: chronic pain, lethargy, apathy, depression, addictions related to food, alcohol, and drugs; breathing disorders such as asthma, anxiety, unresolved complex health issues, mental focus, spiritual activation, emotional/psychological traumas, immune system boost, FEELING LIKE BEING ON TOP OF THE WORLD! 

Breath Empowerment Meditation is a powerful breath work technique designed to open energy pathways or meridians to clear energy blockages. It is an EMPOWERING technique, NOT a relaxing technique and does require your focus and attention even though done laying on the floor.

Because this is a breathing workshop, masks will NOT be worn so if this makes you nervous, this is not the workshop for you. :( Our workshop room will be diffused with essential oils before the event for cleaner air.

Most of the workshop is done seated and laying on the floor so if you have a comfy chair you like, you’ll probably want to bring it as our cushioned metal chairs can be hard to sit in for some.