Surfing Chi Social & Workshop

Surfing Chi August 8, 2020_ Kate, Lea an

1st Surfing Chi Event Highlight Video

A Casual Gathering Every Friday 10:45 Ocean Park, Melbourne Beach, FL

ALL THE DETAILS:This FREE community building event is open to anyone that loves the water and the healing beaches we live by. Meet and greet, wade out, swim out, paddle out and play together. It doesn’t matter if you’re a surfer that hasn’t  paddled out in years, want more mature water-loving friends, a boogie board rider, swimmer or ocean-drifter, all water-lovers welcome. Please come share your stoke and be part of the BAM Community.

WHO:  Hosted by and Lea Williamson of

WHEN:  Fridays: 10:45-11:45ish am every week after Wuji Walking Qigong (Free unstructured social event open to all, bring your beach toys and surf, boogie, swim, float or just come to chat outside with friends  

WHERE:  Ocean Park in Melbourne Beach (Google Ocean Park for directions-it’s on the corner of A1A and Ocean Ave.

WHAT TO BRING:  The stuff you normally like at the beach especially sun block, water appropriate clothing, water to drink, enthusiasm!  If you’re coming for the social and want to get in the water you’ll need to bring your own water toys: boogie boards, surfboards, etc. Sometimes we have extra toys to share, but not always. 


Please note that YOU are responsible for your body and your own well-being.  It should go without saying but if you don’t know how to swim, please don’t go in the water! Being in the water is inherently more dangerous than being on land so RESPECT YOUR OWN LIMITS and don’t go if it’s not right for you. We are not here as life guards! Please note that it is very possible to get hurt surfing or just being in the ocean so YOU are held liable for taking part in this event and for your own actions, not the hosts, sponsors or teachers of this event! 

Let’s go surf some chi together!

What is Surfing Chi and Why: Are you stoked yet?!! I sure am!  If you haven’t read Surfing the Sea of Chi or don’t know why I’m doing this, here’s the super short version.  My whole life I was terrified to go in any body of water: pool, lake, river or ocean didn’t matter.  At 40 years old I decided to overcome this irrational fear by learning to surf. In the beginning, I thought that surfing for me was all about getting over my fear until I caught that first stand-up wave and actually rode it a little. From then on the power of surfing changed my life in ways I didn’t even know I needed it changed.  

  Now, I want to share my ocean joy with others who might have a similar fear.  I know there’s a lot of you out there because you’ve told me you have this fear too.  Thanks to the breath work I learned from my chi arts training, I was able to fully conquer my debilitating fear and now have a profound personal relationship with all things water-especially the ocean. The combination of learning to surf and chi arts taught me that when we move in the natural, cyclical flowing motions of surfing and tai chi, we heal ourselves naturally, profoundly and with no bad side-effects like with conventional Western treatments. Surfing and tai chi have numerous parallels so we can learn to ride waves of chi on land in our tai chi practices and we can learn to ride waves of energy in the ocean as they roll in. Both share ritual, breath work, bow stance rooting, moving fluidly like water in harmony with nature and so many more similarities. 

  I’m so convinced that surfing can heal us on many deep levels that I’m donating 1% of my book’s profits to the local Sebastian Inlet Surfrider Foundation that works to make surfing accessible to all and our community more ocean friendly.  If you’d like a copy of the book, let me know in advance and I will bring one and sign it for you. If you’ve read my book, I REALLY appreciate you leaving a review on Amazon, even if you didn’t like it!  Here’s the link to do that, just scroll down to “Leave Product Review “ on the left of the screen and click “write review.”