No matter how gentle it looks on the surface, water is the worlds most powerful natural force-it shapes and forms our planet and shapes and forms our lives. The more we understand water, the more we know ourselves. Whether or not you ride waves in the ocean, Surfing the Sea of Chi “is paradigm-shifting in a non-judgmental way.” It will bring you back to the simplicity of breathing and being, inspiring you to live your best life. 

    When she took up surfing at 40 years old to overcome a lifelong fear of water, Lea had no idea she was embarking on an epic adventure that would eventually lead her to a new way of living in harmony with herself and the planet, both in the water and out. Surfing the Sea of Chi chronicles Lea's journey of overcoming intense primal fear to unleash the healing medicine that lies within us all. This 10 year learning adventure led her to explore the parallels between surfing, tai chi, the Tao, life and primary laws of the universe that bind us all.  

   Together, Lea and the reader become empowered to make responsible daily choices for self and planetary health.

    Infused throughout the pages of is the underlying theme of strength through unity and personal choice. If you breathe, Surfing the Sea of Chi will show you how to breathe a better world into being by becoming your best, fearless self and recognizing your true nature.  You are the solution. 

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        "In this book. Lea manages to give the reader a clear understanding of the Tao through her journey of learning to surf. In relating surfing, tai qi quan, and the Tao, Lea clearly shows the reader how it is a master can say, "It's all the same."

 - Grandmaster Jeffrey B. Cook, ShiFu, Jia Yu

“There’s a tremendous amount of accessible yet profound wisdom. . . Paradigm-shifting ideas in a non-threatening, non-judgmental way. . . Absolutely a heartening and inspiring journey and ending. . . .This is clearly not a vanity project.”

                          - Dr. Taj A. Mahon-Haft, Sociologist, Founder The Humanization Project


What Amazon Readers are saying:

  •    ". . . this book will speak to you about living a life consistent with your values."  --Profgirl

  • "A book you will want to read again and again. A real treasure!" --Pat A.

  • ". . .an epic for navigating everything from sharks to erroneous thought patterns. Love it!"  Amy D.

  • "Fab-u-lous!  Love her gift of communication."  --Anonymous

"Surfing and Taiji both focus on energy (氣 Qi in Chinese), they teach human beings how to absorb it from the environment and turn it into healing power. Lea’s story is a clear example of this; she used the ‘Qi’ of waves to overcome her deepest fear. Her book is a fascinating, intimate story, one that opens a new chapter in waveriding as a form of meditation."


     - Nicola Zanella, Author Children of the Tide: An Exploration of Surfing in Dynastic China, head coach Shandong National Surfing Team

Meet the Author

Lea Williamson is a longboard surfer, chi arts practitioner, massage therapist, Space Coast native, adventure traveller, writer, consciousness explorer and health patriot. She grew up in Titusville, Florida and began studying the slow moving Chinese energy medicine called tai chi chuan in the early 1990's and never stopped her daily practice. 

   Lea has had a daily qigong practice for over 25 years and is certified to teach several styles of qigong and tai chi. In 2016, she earned the esteemed title of ShiFu (expert) of qigong from martial arts Grandmaster Jeffrey B. Cook. 

  As the Founder of, Lea maintains a chi arts e-newsletter, blog, produces tai chi and qi gong videos for her website video members. Her diverse schedule includes teaching chi arts workshops and classes in community, corporate, and private venues as well as practicing massage. Participants of Lea's classes appreciate her award-winning speaking and presentation skills. Additionally, her lifelong passion for and knowledge of health and healing are evidenced by a career as a professional clinical massage therapist and Reiki master that began in New Mexico in 2003. 

  Lea has made it her life's mission to share the ancient healing arts wherever she can.  To learn more about her chi arts credentials , click here: 

Photo taken goofing off at Kelly Slater surf statue,

Cocoa Beach, FL