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The Qigong Collection

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ONLY AVAILABLE TO VIDEO & CLASS MEMBERS 😉 This assortment of Videos/Lessons are laid out in sequences that make sense from Simpler Practices, to More Complex, to Challenge Yourself. This collection currently contains: ✅ An array of easy, basic level practices perfect for newbies and experienced to get down the basics. ✅ An array of More Complex practices including 8 Pieces of Brocade, ✅ The Qigong Strength Training Challenge ✅ The entire Jedi Chi / Force Training Episodes (fun cosplay) ✅ The Challenge Yourself section In this growing collection of qigong (chi kung) video lessons, many videos are accompanied by “Written Information” including links to Blog Posts/Articles on certain topics. This Qigong Collection is only for Video & Class Members. It is not available for single-payment purchase. Thanks for supporting this work, Members! You are valued and appreciated!



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