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The Breathwork Collection

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Breathing is the most overlooked tool to good health and longevity. While qigong and tai chi include breath work, this collection is filled with breathing techniques that focus (almost) exclusively on the breath with little to no movement. This collection offers an extensive talk on healthy vs unhealthy breathing and loads of breathing techniques that each offer unique benefits. Each breath work tool in the collection includes a video of the technique as well as information about the technique. Just as we don’t have to lift weights for muscles to work, we don’t need to practice breath work in order to breath. In the same way that muscles get weak and flaccid from lack of use, our breath can become weak and even unable to adequately sustain us when we don’t exercise our breathing muscles. More breath work videos will be added to the collection as they are created. Currently included are Resonant Breathing, Xi Xi Hu, Breath Empowerment Meditation, 9 Breath Method technique and instructions, Warrior’s 9 Breath Method, Core strengthening breathwork and Four Heavens Meditation.



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