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Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi

mar. 03 sept.



🌀 8 Week Introduction to Qigong-details

Learn the basics of an entire qigong system. WARNING: Learning chi arts means leaving ordinary muggle reality!

🌀 8 Week Introduction to Qigong-details
🌀 8 Week Introduction to Qigong-details

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03 sept. 2024, 13:30 – 15:00

The HUB, 129 W Hibiscus Blvd Ste O, Melbourne, FL 32901, USA

À propos de l'événement

TO REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT YOU MUST CALL THE HUB: (321) 408-8808 even if you RSVP here. 

With over 3,000 systems (not exercises) in qigong, it can get a little confusing to learn through YouTube or Google searches. This Special Event 8 Week series shares all the basic theory and practices from the Supreme Science Qigong System. Attend one session or purchase the entire series to get all the tools (and save some $). Purchasing the entire series also means that even if you miss a class, you'll get the handouts and videos from that session.

July 16 + 23: Level 1 Theory & Practice.  Level 1 practice is a 5-part qi gong practice to develop a relationship with internal chi/energy, store energy in the 3 Dan Tiens, fortify the lungs and respiratory system, cleanse & to tonify lower body chi, understand feeling chi, learn to send chi out of the hands, develop slower breath rhythm.

July 30 + Aug 6: Level 2  Theory & Practice.  Level 2 is a more complex practice divided into 4 parts that include Full Body Cleansing with Cosmic Chi, Drawing the Bow, Drawing Down Cosmic Chi into the Upper Dan Tien and the 9 Breath Method.

Aug 13 + 20: Level 3 Wuji Gong Theory & Practice.   Wuji is usually everyone’s favorite: Wuji Walking including the 7 basic Wuji Walking movements

Aug 27 + Sept 3: Qigong for Strength Training is exactly what is sounds like. Now that we have the knowledge of chi/energy regulation, we use it to build a strong body and a stronger connection with chi energy; includes the popular Hyper-Throw technique as well as Warrior’s 9 Breath Method.

$25/class or $185/Series (series price includes ALL handouts and videos even if you miss a class)

TO REGISTER AND RESERVE YOUR SPOT CALL The HUB: (321) 409-8808 (here's their website that will be linked in for payment once we get the tech details figured out: The HUB YOU CAN RSVP HERE BUT THAT DOES NOT REGISTER YOU!

Instructor is certified to teach these techniques safely and has been sharing them for almost two decades.

If you're brand new to qigong this series is a great place to start. If you're eager to begin learning now, check out this blog post about the 4 Tools of Qigong.  See the blog for more articles. 

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