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mer. 30 août


Zoom Virtual Event

🎥 FREE Introduction to Tai Chi 1 on Zoom

Not sure if a virtual tai chi class is right for you? Here’s your chance to sample a mini-class, get info & ask questions before committing.

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🎥  FREE Introduction to Tai Chi 1 on Zoom
🎥  FREE Introduction to Tai Chi 1 on Zoom

Heure et lieu

30 août 2023, 16:00 – 17:00 UTC−4

Zoom Virtual Event


À propos de l'événement

   In this Free Introduction to Tai Chi (for Arthritis) Part 1 introductory class, we'll just brush over the basics of:

1. Introduction and orientation to Zoom and our process

2. What is Tai Chi (for Arthritis 1) and the purpose of this course

3. Some benefits of learning tai chi 

4.  An extremely brief history of tai chi leading up to Sun Style Tai Chi and Tai Chi 1

5. Q & A

6. Mini sample of a typical class with a chance to adjust camera angles and space; We'll do a few of the warm-ups, flow the entire Tai Chi 1 routine together, sample cool-down

7. Q & A

If you are in doubt about committing to learn Tai Chi 1, after this free Introduction session, you will be able to make an informed decision. Registration for the entire Tai Chi 1 course is also available on our event page. Registering for this free intro will not guarantee a place in the Tai Chi 1 zoom course.  That, you have to purchase separately. 


TAI CHI 1 COURSE DESCRIPTION.  Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 Sept 6 2023 - Jan 24 2024

  Learn an entire tai chi routine in 21 weeks! Tai Chi (for Arthritis) Part 1 is both gentle and healing for joints while imparting a sense of calm and peace. It is suitable for those new to tai chi (or not). In fact, it is by far the simplest and most balanced tai chi routine I have trained in.  This short, 21 move tai chi routine is based on the traditional Sun Style Tai Chi and puts a lot of emphasis on breathing better. Just by practicing this style of tai chi, we start to breath better while improving balance, reducing stress and developing better interoception-leading to better brain health. 

  By the end of this well-structured program, participants are typically able to easily remember the entire Tai Chi 1 routine.  Each session includes warm-ups, flow of Tai Chi 1 routine, then the specific details of the "new move" are reviewed and repeated so participants can learn and remember this tai chi routine to cultivate their own "at-home" practice. It’s recommended to practice a little every day and add only one new step into the sequence every week to keep steadily progressing. Slow, steady progress imparts lasting results. This is a free Introduction to Tai Chi 1 on Zoom class. After that, we meet every Wednesday until Jan 31. At that time, participants who "followed the program" and learned the Tai Chi 1 routine for themselves will have noticeable better balance, feel calmer and also have breath work tools to manage the day-to-day stressors of life. Once completing this program, participants then can practice tai chi anywhere, anytime they like. In nature is typically the most beneficial place. 

   The official name of this program is Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention, part 1.  Don’t let the name fool you into thinking it’s just for “old” people with arthritis.  It’s a wonderful beginner level tai chi routine that imparts numerous benefits, even if you don’t have arthritis. Proven in medical studies to improve balance better than most Western exercises, this sequence is gentle on artificial and arthritic joints AND ALL joints. It was designed to help keep healthy joints and reduce symptoms in damaged joints.    

  The medical research on this particular tai chi routine shows that it prevents falls better than physical therapy, improves joint functions, reduces oxidative stress within cells and more.  The research is so overwhelming that this particular form of tai chi is the only one endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation and others.   More information about Tai Chi 1 is available in this blog post: What are TC1&2?  These lessons are also available as Online Courses HERE.

Hear Julie's testimonial: Stronger Bones.

  A minimum of 8 FULL COURSE partipants are required.


$222 Early Bird for the entire program up front ALSO includes the Tai Chi 1 Online Course available until July 29; (must use coupon code EARLYBIRD at check out)

$248 for the entire program up front ALSO includes the Tai Chi 1 Online Course

$125 in 2 installments; pay half up front, half in the middle. ALSO includes the Tai Chi 1 Online Course

$55/mo is also an option, but does not include the Online Course. 

FREE to $75/month Class Members

Remember, we must have at least 8 FULL COURSE commitments to run the program.  Too many people begin a tai chi program and then quit a month or two in.  This makes it NOT financially doable for the instructor when sometimes only 2-3 are left to complete the program. So I am requiring minimum to 8 PAID IN FULL UP FRONT to proceed.  Start talking to your friends about it now and get them to join us! Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 Sept 6 2023 - Jan 24 2024

   Once you have registered/paid online, you will receive emails confirming your purchase.  READ THE EMAILS! Some of them have important information like Zoom links  so READ YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAILS!


  • Introduction to Tai Chi 1 Zoom

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