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sam. 03 août



🫁 The Ultimate Breathing Workshop - details & registration link

Breathe like you want to be alive in this inspiring workshop. Change how you think about breathing forever!

🫁 The Ultimate Breathing Workshop - details & registration link
🫁 The Ultimate Breathing Workshop - details & registration link

Heure et lieu

03 août 2024, 13:30 – 16:30

The HUB, 129 W Hibiscus Blvd Suite O, Melbourne, FL 32901, USA


À propos de l'événement


This special event will be the kick-off for monthly Saturday breathwork sessions at The HUB.  This special session takes us deep into the power of breathing with the crème de la crème of breathwork techniques.  All subsequet Saturday sessions will explore other types of breath work. Be sure to get on the newsletter for the latest updates on what's coming next!


1. Very basic bio-mechanics of healthy breathing

2. Breath Empowerment Meditation (laying on floor, mats provided)

3. 9 Breath Method training including Tummo versions A & B

4. Q & A

5. 9 Breath Method practice in the: World Healing Breath Circle Meditation


1. Experiential & educational workshop

2. Hand outs at the event

3. Links to videos for at-home practice to develop your own daily breath therapy practice

4. Safe environment to share & go "all-in" with like-minded folks

5. Certified and experienced instructor

6. Wide ranging and often long-lasting benefits


1. Overall improved breathing habits and awareness

2. Detox respiratory system & other systems

3. Hyper-oxygenation of blood

4. Increased micro-circulation to organs and brain

5. Tones & strengthens respiratory muscles

6. Increase in cellular uptake of oxygen

7. Improved focus

8. Boosts mitochondria activity generating more overall energy

9. Testemonial evidence: releases energetic blocks

10. Mental Health counselors have documented this technique helps patients overcome trauma and addictions including serious addictions like heroin


LeaJon Williamson is the founder of, a ShiFu (expert) of Nei Gong, certified qigong and tai chi instructor, practicing for 3 decades, teaching these specific techniques since certified in 2005.  While I've now studied numerous styles of breathwork, 9 Breath Method has given me so much personal benefit in my life that I continue to practice it virtually every day.  It's quick, efficient and effective.  I like that!

WHERE:  The HUB, 129 W. Hibiscus Suite O, Melbourne FL


$44  CALL OR REGISTER ONLINE VIA THE  THE HUB TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT: (321) 409-8808, PAYMENT LINK HERE Even if you RSVP here you must call The HUB to register. 

What Past Participants have said: 

"I have a chronic pulmonary condition. Today at the Ultimate Breathing Workshop I took the first really deep full breath I've taken in years. Man, that felt good! Lea Williamson is an awesome instructor, very powerful energy, totally grounded and absolutely devoted to sharing her gift. I am so glad I decided to accept it. I Can Breathe!!! 💙" - Bonnie B.  4/24/21

"I would definitly recommend The Ultimate Breathing Workshop. Lea is an excellent, caring teacher. Loved the class. Breath is so important. It's fantastic to learn how to get empowered by breathing." - Lilianna

"I am a doctor, and I know the importance of proper breathing technique for proper oxygenation in the body, especially in the brain, but this techniques are way more than that. This workshop is more than what I was expecting. Lea transmits such a passion, love and energy for what she does, and the technique is so powerful, definitely recommended. I will recommend it to my all my patients for sure." - Abelsain G., MD

"Lea is a great teacher. She makes it fun to learn." - Linda S.

"I am a physician-scientist with an analytical mind, but found the (breath workshop) presentation and exercises to be presented in an objective, logical and clear manner-enough to satisfy even my expectations. The results of the practice were truly phenomenal, very powerful. It is difficult to teach something that doesn't have an objective measurement, but Lea nails it." Carolyn S. MD

"Lea's Breathwork Workshop completely changed my life!!!! She has embodied and traveled learning the practices that will give you more energy and connection to yourself and all of life in a way that brings vibrant life and compassion, clearing and alignment, relaxation and prayerfulness all in one day! And Lea gifts resources to continue the practice on your own! I have survived and lived through multiple traumas and this Breathwork allowed my sacral chakra to fully relax and renew on levels I had never felt before in my whole life. I would recommend this workshop to everyone on Earth 🌎 🙏 🪶 Thank you Lea!!!!!!!!!" - J. Harmony

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