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Tai Chi 1 - Sun Style Online Course

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Tai Chi 1 online course is suitable for anyone and is especially good for those brand new to tai chi or with compromised health or joints. This short tai chi form leaves joints moving easier, improves balance, prevents falling and reduces stress while moving. The online course offers self-paced training. Begin with the Warm-up set, then flow the whole routine, then move on the the detail of the next step in the sequence. It’s recommended to practice a little every day and add at least one new step into the sequence every week to keep steadily progressing. Slow, steady progress imparts lasting results. The official name of this program is Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention, part 1. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking it’s just for “old” people with arthritis. It’s a wonderful beginner level tai chi routine that imparts numerous benefits, even if you don’t have arthritis. Proven in medical studies to improve balance better than most Western exercises, this sequence is gentle on artificial and arthritic joints AND ALL joints. It was designed to help keep healthy joints and reduce symptoms in damaged joints. The medical research on this particular tai chi routine shows that it prevents falls better than physical therapy, improves joint functions, reduces oxidative stress within cells and more. The research is so overwhelming that this particular form of tai chi is the only one endorsed by the Arthritis Foundation and others.



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