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Golden Dragon Medical Qigong Online Course

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This exciting series is power-packed with exercise, food healing and alchemical healing recommendations for nine specific health issues: 1. Anger/Depression/Liver Healing 2. Heart Disease 3. (Chronic) Fatigue 4. High Blood Pressure 5. Thyroid Balancing 6. Back Pain 7. Fibromyalgia 8. Headaches/Migraines 9. Eye Healing Protocols While all qigong is medical in nature because it affects mental and physical health, “medical qigong” follows specific recommendations or “prescriptions” done in a specific order and certain amount of time—just like taking a pill is done at a certain dosage for a specific amount of time. Adhering to protocols for medicines make them effective and it’s the same with medical qigong. Not adhering to protocols typically does not produce the desired results. Each recommendations includes: Qigong Exercises/Meditations, Food Healing, Alchemical Healing, PDF downloads of the protocols, Video of Live class session, 20 minute practice video of recommended exercises. A total of 14 videos that you have access to anytime. The term “medical qigong” also refers to chi transmission from a qualified provider and can be done in person or through distance healing. **Medical Disclaimer: These practices are not meant to treat or cure any disease. If you have a serious health condition, consult a qualified medical professional.



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