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Introduction to Qigong / Chi Kung Online Course

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Learn the basics of an entire qigong system offering a diverse array of energetic tools. With over 3,000 systems in qigong, it can get a little confusing to learn when first starting. This 8 Lesson course shares all the basic theory and practices from the Supreme Science Qigong System. Each lesson includes: Special Qigong Practices introduced in Live Class Recordings, Theory, Stand alone practice videos of each technique and printable guides. Lessons 1 & 2: Level 1 Theory & Practice. Level 1 practice is a 5-part qi gong practice to develop a relationship with internal chi/energy, store energy in the 3 Dan Tiens, fortify the lungs and respiratory system, cleanse & to tonify lower body chi, understand feeling chi, learn to send chi out of the hands, develop slower breath rhythm. Lessons 3 & 4: Level 2 Theory & Practice. Level 2 is a more complex practice divided into 4 parts that include Full Body Cleansing with Cosmic Chi, Drawing the Bow, Drawing Down Cosmic Chi into the Upper Dan Tien and the 9 Breath Method. Lesson 5 & 6: Level 3 Wuji Theory & Practice. Wuji is frequently everyone’s favorite: Wuji Walking including the 7 basic Wuji Walking movements. Lesson 7 & 8: Qigong for Strength Training is exactly what is sounds like. Now that we have the knowledge of chi/energy regulation, we use it to build a strong body and a stronger connection with chi energy; includes the popular Hyper-Throw technique as well as Warrior’s 9 Breath Method. + JEDI TRAINING!



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