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lør. 01. juli



🫁 Advanced 9 Breath Method Workshop

Elevate your basic foundation in 9 Breath Method with Advanced Training techniques that even release DMT in the brain at this special “Pay What You Want” Event.

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🫁 Advanced 9 Breath Method Workshop
🫁 Advanced 9 Breath Method Workshop

Tid og sted

01. juli 2023, 13:30 – 17:00

Melbourne, 240 S Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32904, USA

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Now that you have a basic undertstanding of 9 Breath Method, we'll be elevating your practice options. This workshop is designed to review and refine what you already know and then step into the advanced version of 9 Breath with a special breath holding technique that has been shown to release DMT from the pineal gland in the brain, activating higher states of consciousness while alleviating pain.

You MUST have some experience with 9 Breath Method prior to attending this workshop. We only review and refine the basic technique, not teach it for the first time. Experience includes practicing the technique in live class sessions. Having attended the full Ultimate Breathing Workshop will make attending this one much easier, but is not required.  Just know that this is the ADVANCED version, not the basic foundational training of the 9 Breath Method.


  • Start off strong with Warrior's 9 Breath Method
  • 9 Breath Method Tummo version A & B review, refine, Q & A
  • Advanced Breath Empowerment Meditation with breath holds 
  • Scientific media presentation on how to stimulate pineal gland for higher states of awareness
  • Learn Advanced 9 Breath Method - energy visualizations, chakra activation, breath holds for pineal activation
  • Complete the circle by concluding with a short 9 Breath Healing Circle
  • Handouts, snacks, takeaways, video support
  • Group comraderie to connect, support and grow in health and wellness together

Note that is is a FLEXIBLE WORKSHOP meaning we will spend more time covering details participants need given levels of experience with 9 Breath Method technique. 

PAY WHAT YOU WANT with minimum $20/ticket.  Other providers charge from $80 up to $225/participant for this workshop. You can "Pay What You Want" here through the website and "register" or  attend the event and pay at the end, if you prefer (still $20/minimum  to pay the rental space and provided support materials.)  If you intend to pay at the end of the actual event via cash, Venmo or Zelle, please let Lea know you will be attending even though you won't be registering here.  We want to make sure we have enough hand outs, snacks and such. Thanks.


  • Pay What You Want

    $100+ value includes workshop, handouts, video support, snacks, peaceful safe location and life-empowering techniques.

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