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January Wednesday evening classes SOLD OUT! Email if you want in on the wait list for next sessions. STARTS First full week January 2021. Learn an entire tai chi routine in just 17 weeks with only 1 day/week commitment! If you’ve ever thought about learning tai chi but didn’t want to commit a lot of time of have to go to a class, this is your opportunity to start the New Year in better health and balance in the convenience of your own home or office!

This online class takes place on either Mondays or Wednesdays for 17 weeks.

Tai Chi imparts numerous documented mind and body health benefits including: better sleep, improved immune functions, balance and fall prevention, clearer thoughts and focus, greater endurance, STRESS REDUCTION, reduced depression/anxiety, a sense of calm belonging in the world-who doesn’t want that?! These are just a few of the benefits these relaxing, gentle work outs give us, but there’s so much more to tai chi than meets the eye. The only way to really get all the benefits and feel better is to actually DO tai chi!

An RSVP DOES NOT ENSURE YOUR SPOT IN CLASS! Payment ensures you place. It’s $6/class paid $24/month or pay $90 in full up front and receive a $12 discount and then you don’t have to pay again for the duration of the course. Payment can be made in the following ways:

1. Purchase here through online store
2. PayPal/Zelle to (you don’t need a PayPal account but can use a credit card via PayPal as well)

Once payment for class is received and you’ve indicated if you want in the Monday or Wednesday evening classes, all the info will be sent to you a week before classes start so you feel prepared and ready to begin this new tai chi adventure! You can also email certified instructor Lea Williamson with any questions, comments and concerns before you purchase your spot. Email to

I’m excited to be part of this new adventure with you! Lea Williamson is a professional tai chi instructor with over a decade of teaching experience, certified from the international Tai Chi for Health Institute to lead this class.

If you want to learn all the detailed benefits of what this tai chi form imparts, visit

More information about the instructor is available at:

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Located Inside BAM Community at

4680 Lipscomb St. Suite 10G

Palm Bay, FL 32905

hours/days variable depending on current schedule


text or voice: 321-759-3141

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