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Could you use an encouraging reminder to help you create a habit of health? Many people simply forget to practice what heals them. The 30 day "Habit-Forming Program" is designed to help remedy that. It takes 28 days to build a daily habit so for 30 days I will personally text you an encouraging daily remind to practice your self care practices, even if they aren't tai chi! It makes me so happy to be part of your healing journey that I will text you in the morning every day for 30 days and remind you to either get in your daily tai chi or yoga or even to eat mindfully! Whatever good habit you're trying to form, this program can help you stay on track.

Take it from me, I know how hard it is to change out of the bad and into the good. I quit smoking cigarettes after a 20+ year addiction!! I am here to help you on your journey. After the 30 days are up you will have created better self care habits for yourself. One person I did this for said it worked because even if she didn't get to her tai chi practice until 10:00 at night, that morning reminder kept her accountable to herself. I know you can change your life for the better one good habit at a time. $1/day for personalize, daily encouragement on your journey. You got this!

What: Habit-Building Program


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Located Inside BAM Community at

4680 Lipscomb St. Suite 10G

Palm Bay, FL 32905

hours/days variable depending on current schedule

email: BeachsideQi@gmail.com

text or voice: 321-759-3141

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