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Here’s your opportunity to live inspired! If you’ve been less than inspired, trying to overcome an addiction, want to create more vitality in your life or clear past traumas and nothing’s been really working, this workshop will give you the results you seek. In this powerful 4 hour session you’ll learn breathing techniques that will send your energy levels sky high! We begin by understanding the differences between healthy & unhealthy breathing habits and what they do to us. Then the magic begins with the detoxifying Breath Empowerment Meditation which we do laying down (bring a yoga mat or blanket you want to lay on). Then we spend time learning and practicing some Tibetan tummo breathing in The 9 Breath Method. We cap it all off with the 9 Breath Healing Circle Meditation designed to help you reach your highest potential.

The benefits of this workshop are far reaching and long lasting including: improved overall breathing, full body detox, higher energy levels, feeling of full body bliss, hyper-oxygenation of blood, increased micro-circulation to organs and brain and much, much more. You don't want to miss this opportunity to expand your consciousness and improve your health using nothing but the breath of life!

$60 includes handouts, practice video links and extreme healing vibrations that can change your life forever.

Space is limited. So purchase your spot today by:
1) purchase by credit card on secure online store at:

2) purchase through
3) purchase through PayPal or Zelle
4) pay Lea in person before the event to secure your spot!

What to bring: yoga mat or blanket to lay on; beverage of choice, light snacks if required

Contact certified instructor Lea Williamson for via: email, voice or text (321) 759-3141. Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments. Full event details available at

Takes place indoors at BAM Community in Palm Bay. I’m so excited you’ll be joining us. You will be blown away by the tremendous healing power of your own breath!

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Located Inside BAM Community at

4680 Lipscomb St. Suite 10G

Palm Bay, FL 32905

hours/days variable depending on current schedule


text or voice: 321-759-3141

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