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In this well-paced 3 hour session we’ll practice the powerful 9 Breath Method technique that often sends energy levels sky high! Whether new to breath work or never having thought much about breathing, this workshop transmits tools to breath into our highest potential.

We begin with the detoxifying Breath Empowerment Meditation, done laying down. Afterwards we’ll talk about what we experienced and some of the differences between healing and harmful breathing habits. Then we spend time learning and practicing Tibetan tummo breathing in the 9 Breath Method. Tibetan Tummo breathing has become famous for raising body temperature and boosting immune function but there’s so many more benefits to it than those! We cap off the workshop with the 9 Breath Healing Circle Meditation.

The benefits of this workshop are far reaching and long lasting including: improved overall respiration, full body detox, higher energy levels, better sleep, feelings of oneness with the world, pain replaced by full body bliss, hyper-oxygenation of blood, increased micro-circulation to organs and brain and much, much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your consciousness and improve your health using nothing but your life-giving breath!

$33 ($65 value!!) includes handouts, practice video links and extreme healing vibrations that can change your life forever. (I lowered the price to $33 after getting the message to do so 3 days in a row during my morning meditation.)

This workshop is appropriate for and can help with: chronic pain, lethargy, apathy, depression, addictions related to food, alcohol, and drugs; breathing disorders such as asthma and allergies, anxiety, unresolved complex health issues, mental focus, spiritual activation, emotional/psychological traumas, immune system boost, FEELING LIKE BEING ON TOP OF THE WORLD! (Can you tell this is one of my all-time favorites?!)

Certified Instructor Lea Williamson, ShiFu of Nei Gong, has been a daily breath work practitioner for over 15 years. Questions:

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