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2019 Qi Revolution Asheville Take-Aways

On it's own, Asheville, North Carolina is an eclectic blend of consciousness enterprises ranging from numerous local organic cafes and mindful mountain expeditions to European castles, retreat centers, art galleries, micro-breweries and alternative health studios all loosely wrapped together in psychedelic-style murals sprawling throughout the city. Mix in the updated 2019 edition of the Qi Revolution right next to the national treasure of St. Lawrence Basilica and you've got a sure-fired recipe for a full-on holistic weekend wellness experience.

It was my pleasure to volunteer at another Supreme Science Qigong Qi Revolution event that took place in Asheville March 30-April 1. How ironic that on the morning of April fool's day the city's entire water system was temporarily shut down leaving the almost 500 visiting Qi Revolution participants to scout the city for clean water and bathrooms that actually worked before making our way to the Cellular Center for the final day of the event. Despite this enormous inconvenience, everyone entered the convention center with smiles plastered on their faces. Even the bone-chilling winds at 40 degrees couldn't dampen the high vibrations we all had from the previous two days of qigong.

Having attended many Qi Revolution events I've actually lost count how many I've gone to: Santa Fe, NM (3x); Tucson, AZ; Orlando, FL (3-4x); Kissimmee, FL; Daytona, FL (?x); Asheville, NC (2-3x). At this point, I'm pretty familiar with the entire program. The past event in Asheville delightfully surprised me with brand new techniques and presentations as well as updated Food Healing information. Below are my

Top 5 Qi Rev Take-Aways:

1. Qigong works on the electromagnetic law of attraction. Practicing with focused intention is crucial to receiving the most benefits from the practice. Where the mind goes, the chi flows. Stay focused and practice without distraction or interruption.

2. The Breath Empowerment Meditation (which is part of my upcoming Ultimate Breathing Workshop), can be considered a type of pulmonary therapy. It hyper-oxygenates the blood without the risks now associated with using pure oxygen therapy. Because it is done laying on the ground, is creates micro-circulation of hyper-oxygenated blood to all organs and body systems including the brain, far beyond the circulation capabilities of stress-inducing exercises like running, cross-fit or Zumba.

3. Without a loving heart, all the qigong and food healing in the world is for naught. To truly cultivate our own chi and healthy vitality, we must plant the seed of love in our hearts and water it daily with conscious and secret acts of loving kindness. This will heal us more than any food or exercise ever could. How many masters have told us this?

4. More women die form broken bones than from breast cancer. This is HUGE! If women do not work on maintaining and/or building balance to prevent falls, they are at greater risk of death than from ignoring breast health check-ups. Research continues to prove that the best way to prevent falls is to practice tai chi.

5. Qigong or the skill of vitality, is best achieved through a synthesis of basic human living techniques: breathing, moving, meditating, interacting with nature, nourishing the body for health not pleasure, enjoying the company of others, sleeping well and long enough, cultivating a loving heart, seeking personal fulfilment through service.

On the numerous breaks throughout the three days of Qi Revolution, I enjoy meeting new fellow chi enthusiasts and sharing our passions. Walking outdoors on breaks as I've often done at past events, was a very cold option in Asheville as temperatures dropped quickly the night before the event began. Directly beside the massive block style Cellular Center building (where Qi Revolution was held in downtown) is the classical architecture of the inspiring Basilica of Saint Lawrence. There's a plaque on a post in front of the main entryway designating the structure as being on the National Historic Registry. Boasting twin bell towers, numerous alcoves, a copper dome oculus and stained glass windows, it seemed to be an ancient remnant of an entirely different era. It was open to the public. I went in.

Immediately on entering this warm place, a shiver ran through my body as my hair all stood on end, not in fear, but in reverence. The spiritual vibration of the place was thick and all-encompassing, like diving into comforting warm water. The sensation was so overwhelming that I quickly found an empty wooden pew to sit down in so I could absorb it. On my first visit, I simply sat there, taking it all in: the stunning architecture and art, the light filtering through the surrounding stained glass, faithful parishioners kneeling and praying before the Holy Eucharist, groups of tourists coming and going. I certainly wasn't the only one who felt the presence of holiness in this sacred space. It was obvious the many who entered and left in an endless stream from the street felt it too. They would all pause in silence, staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed as though slapped in the face by something familiar but unexpected. When a space is truly sacred, everyone experiences the power of simply being in that place.

Qi Revolution is about creating and maintaining our own sacred space to carry within us every where we go. To attain our highest life potential through the basic human tools of movement, food, breathing and community. Thank you for being part of my chi community and working toward personal balance, health and vitality. Together we are the solution. If you're interested in attending one of the on-going Qi Revolution events, the tour schedule is available at

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