Live and online classes!

Updated: Mar 23

Hello Chi Family!

I hope you are staying calm and doing qigong, especially breathing exercises to keep your lungs healthy to fight this nasty thing. Because of the rapid spread of corona virus I took a poll and more of you want to continue outdoor classes than not. So we’ll keep them going for the time being.

Since many are staying home I’m working to get these sessions livestream using Zoom. This thing is spreading too fast and we need to be pro-active to stop spreading it. Yes, we can adapt and still keep meeting together online and at a distance outside as a powerful, healing chi family, maintaining at least some of our normal routines.

I have no idea how to utilize Zoom . . . yet! But I am on it and will soon let you know how to join the sessions. Hopefully I will have them up and running early in the week so that together we can stay chi strong. This virus is a respiratory illness so be sure to use the breathing exercises you've learned from your training on a daily basis to keep your lungs and immune system strong.

If you haven't seen them already or are new to our family and don't know any breath work yet, check out the two new videos I just put out this week of some simple techniques to keep your lungs healthy and strong. Please share them with others you know via text or email so your friends and family can benefit from qigong breathing. This one is the best video I ever made filmed Friday at Erna Nixon Park. Simple calming Xi Xi Hu breathing:

This one has full body immune boosting massage routine as well as how to detox the lungs with simple breath work:

May they keep you and yours chi strong! We're in this together. I got your back ;) Talk soon.

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