November 9, 2019

May 14, 2019

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New Year Beach Bonfire

November 9, 2019

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2019 Qi Revolution Asheville Take-Aways

April 10, 2019



  On it's own, Asheville, North Carolina is an eclectic blend of consciousness enterprises ranging from numerous local organic cafes and mindful mountain expeditions to European castles, retreat centers, art galleries, micro-breweries and alternative health studios all loosely wrapped together in psychedelic-style murals sprawling throughout the city.  Mix in the updated 2019 edition of the Qi Revolution right next to the national treasure of St. Lawrence Basilica and you've got a sure-fired recipe for a full-on holistic weekend wellness experience. 


  It was my pleasure to volunteer at another Supreme Science Qigong Qi Revolution event that took place in Asheville March 30-April 1. How ironic that on the morning of April fool's day the city's entire water system was temporarily shut down leaving the almost 500 visiting Qi Revolution participants to scout the city for clean water and bathrooms that actually worked before making our way to the Cellular Center for the final day of the event.  Despite this enormous inconvenience, everyone entered the convention center with smiles plastered on their faces. Even the bone-chilling winds at 40 degrees couldn't dampen the high vibrations we all had from the previous two days of qigong.


   Having attended many Qi Revolution events I've actually lost count how many I've gone to: Santa Fe, NM (3x); Tucson, AZ; Orlando, FL (3-4x); Kissimmee, FL;  Daytona, FL (?x); Asheville, NC (2-3x).  At this point,  I'm pretty familiar with the entire program.  The past event in Asheville delightfully surprised me with brand new techniques and presentations as well as updated Food Healing information.  Below are my

Top 5 Qi Rev Take-Aways:


1.  Qigong works on the electromagnetic law of attraction.  Practicing with focused intention is crucial to receiving the most benefits from the practice.  Where the mind goes, the chi flows. Stay focused and practice without distraction or interruption.