tai chi for health Dr. Paul Lam
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What is Tai Chi for Health?

Tai Chi Chuan is a slow moving matial art that is practiced by millions of people world wide primarily for it's many health benefits. Traditional forms of tai chi usually take a year or more to learn. 


Tai Chi for Health was developed by physician Dr. Paul Lam (pictured at right) along with a team of tai chi and health care professionals.  It uses traditional tai chi postures combined in a way that's easy to learn, safe and proven effective for improving overall health.  Used by thousands of people worldwide, this program teaches participants tai chi routines that have been shown in scientific studies to ease arthritis pain, prevent falls, help control and prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure and much more.  Tai Chi for Health uses modern medical knowledge to combine the most beneficial and safest traditional tai chi moves into a full exercise routine.  The Tai Chi for Health program is endorsed by the American Arthritis Foundation for it's proven arthritis benefits. One of the benefits of this program is that it only takes about 3 months for most people to learn the first form, so you don't have to devote a year of your life to study to reap the many benefits tai chi has to offer. We are currently certified to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Diabetes within this system. 


Some of the researched and proven benefits of this program include:


  • Decreased pain              

  • Better Immune Functions

  • Increases in brain size    

  • Proven effective for fall prevention

  • Improves mental focus    

  • Increased strength

  • Cardiovascular fitness      

  • More flexibility & endurance

  • Improves posture            

  • Better overall brain function

  • Helps combat depression  

  • Stress control

  • Longevity aid                  

  • Reduces oxidative stress

  • Improved balance            

  • Better body awareness

  • Improves sense of belonging in the world and overall peace and happiness : )




What is BaMen Tai Chi?

 (Ba Men is reccomended for more experienced individuals)

        Bamen was handed down to me by GrandMaster Jeff Cook as a complete set containing the famous qi gong warm ups of The DaMo's 18 Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic and The Five Beasts at Play.  After these warm-ups we move on to learn BaMen tai chi and Yang style sets if you wish to go further.  It is my honor and prividledge to teach these forms however I am not qualified to teach the martial aspects of them, which are many.  Rather my classes focus on the core strength, balance, breath, and muscle control.  We practice for health, not fighting.  We must always defend ourselves from the ravages of disease, injury and poor health. 


   The DaMo's 18 or Yi Gin Ching, is a very famous core strengthening set that was found on a scroll in the Shaolin Temple wall.  It is commonly believed to have been written by DaMo or Bodi Darhma, as he was called in India.  The set creates better balance and body symetry, better breath control and increased inner awareness.


     The Five Beasts of Play is an intense beathing qi gong set that looks like tai chi.  It is dated to about 236 BCE and is a multi-faceted set that creates better core strength, better focus, balance and control as well as HIGHLY develops breath control which is so very vital to good health.  I Love this set!


    After this we explore traditional tai chi sets including BaMen and Yang styles.  This class is appropriate for everyone, however, I have found that students find the Tai Chi for Health easier and less intimidating to learn when they are beginners.  The choice is yours.  I only offer what I know to be The Way.  It's up to you to choose which path.