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ShiFu Lea Williamson


     I consider myself first and foremost a Health Patriot.  I work hard to spread the healing power of qi so that our individual citizens and country will prosper and reach their highest potential. When we as individuals  are healthy and balanced, it leads to a healthy and balanced America.  We need TRUE preventative health care that is cost effective, proven to work and doesn't require unlimited time & money to get results.  For centuries, Qi Gong has proven itself true to it's promise: with disciplined practice, you WILL develop the flexibility of a child, the strength of a warrior and the wisdom of a sage.  

     Since credentials are important, here are some of mine.

     1996 Bachelor of Arts, University of Central Florida, Interpersonal Communications

     2003 Certified Clinical Massage Therapist

     2005 Supreme Science Qigong Certified Level 1 Instructor

     2006 7 Qigong & Massage Instructor New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, Las Cruces

     2009 Supreme Science Qigong Certified Level 2 Instructor

     2011 Supreme Science Qigong Certified Level 3 Instructor

     2012 Tai Chi for Diabetes Certified Instructor

     2013 Tai Chi for Arthritis 1 Certified Instructor

     2013  Founded & YouTube Channel Beachside Qigong

     2016  Certified ShiFu of Nei Gong by Grandmaster Jeffery B. Cook

     2017  Certified Usui Reiki Master by Ron Falcon

     2018  Tai Chi for Arthritis 2 Certified Instructor

     2019  Published Surfing the Sea of Chi through Indigo River Publishing

     2020  Certified Golden Dragon Medical Qigong (QiAwareness)

     2020  Published #1 International Best-Seller Navigating the Clickity-Clack

     2020  Co-Founded BAM Community, Palm Bay, Florida

     on-going:  Member Tai Chi for Health Community

                     Nationally Certified by NCBTMB

                     Member Surfrider Foundation 


       Qi Gong teachers have included: GrandMaster Jeff Cook (still training with), Jeff Primack, Kai Von Bodi-Smith, Master Jesse Tsao, Pat Lawson, Maureen Miller,  Dr. Roger Janke, 5 Element Master Professor Tanya Storch, Dietre Yamani,  and many online training videos and too many books to count!

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