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Some Free Practice Videos

Qi Gong Massage to boost Immunity and Respiration

Xi Xi Hu Part 1: Do It

Simple and relaxing breath work to build lungs and immune functions

Introduction to QiGong Practice

Start Here if You're Totally New to this

Xi Xi Hu Part 2: Do It Faster

Faster tempo can be intense for some so practice seated first

"What is Qigong and Tai Chi" unplanned talk at the Grand Opening of Blissful.Energy January 2020 by ShiFu Lea Williamson

Xi Xi Hu Part 3: Explanation of Benefits

Informational video not practice video

Qigong Healing Form #1

simple but powerful from Supreme Science Qigong

8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong

a fun, challenging set that improves balance, breath, flexibility and focus


Breath Empowerment Guided Meditation

from Supreme Science Qigong, led by ShiFu Lea Williamson

Tai Chi for Arthritis 1

Full class series starts here with warm ups

go forward for the Full Form video for TCA

9 Breath Method Instruction

from Supreme Science Qigong founder Jeff Primack

Standing Qigong
simple, effective computer break for better focus and function

9 Breath Method Practice

from Supreme Science Qigong

versions A & B

Surfing the Sea of Chi  videos


1 Minute Video Trailer for Surfing

the Sea of Chi

Podcast Interview

Over 1 hour of discussion of Surfing the Sea of Chi with Trisha Schmalhofer of BAM - Badasses Alchemists and Mystics


2 Minute Video of my seeing my book in print for the first time

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