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Some Practice Videos

Introduction to QiGong

Start Here if You're Totally New to this

Constant Bear Exercise

Simple but can be profound when fully focused

Qigong Healing Form #1

simple but powerful from Supreme Science Qigong

8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong

a more challenging set


Tai Chi for Arthritis 1

Full class series starts here with warm ups

go forward for the Full Form video for TCA

Tai Chi for Arthritis 2
 full form from back, no narration (TCA2)

Breath Empowerment Guided Meditation

from Supreme Science Qigong, led by ShiFu Lea Williamson

9 Breath Method Instruction

from Supreme Science Qigong founder Jeff Primack

9 Breath Method Practice

from Supreme Science Qigong

versions A & B

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