Yang Chen-Fu's 10 Essential Points

Yang Chen-Fu is generally considered the father of modern tai chi as he helped spread tai chi to the Western world in the 1930s. He was the grandson of Yang Lu Chan, the originator of Yang styel tai chi.  These 10 Essential Points are considered relavant to all styles of tai chi.


1. Keep the head upright as if suspended from above; and keep it straight.

2. Depress the chest and raise the upper back.

3. Loosen the waist.

4. Distinguish between substantial and insubstantial

5. Sink the shoulders and elbows.

6. Use your will and not your force.

7. Coordinate the upper and lower body movements.

8. Unify internal and external movements.

9. There must be absolute continuity of movement.

10. Seek stillness, serenity in movement.