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Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi

What is Qigong and Tai Chi?


Qigong (“chee gong”) is the world’s oldest longevity practice: between 5,000-10,000 years old. Developed to keep people healthy without doctors, all qigong uses the same tools in different ways: Breathwork, Special Movements, Visualization & Massage. Part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, qigong emphasizes breath more than tai chi does. It is gentle, effective, evidence-based, holistic medicine.

Tai Chi

TAI CHI (“tie chee”) is a slow motion flowing version of qigong.  Tai chi has been dubbed by Harvard Health as “moving medication” because of the healing bio-chemistry that it activates.  Around 2,000 years old, tai chi offers more cognitive and mobility benefits than qigong because of learning & remembering the sequences. While tai chi is a martial art, our classes focus on health not fighting.

Who We Are

Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi is passionately run by Lea Williamson, ShiFu (expert) of qigong and board certified tai chi instructor. 

Having used the healing power of chi arts to transform my own health and life, it’s my goal to share tai chi and qigong with as many people as possible. We all possesses the healing tools of  breath, movement and imagery. It’s my mission to make others aware of how to use these bio-tools to our advantage to have happy, healthy sustainable lives. 

With 30 years of personal practice experience, I’ve learned first hand how well this stuff works and how to make chi arts fun and enjoyable. My classes, workshops and events are designed to be self-empowering, enjoyable and sustainable health care that works for you! Systems I teach and am certified to lead include: Tai Chi for Health, Supreme Science Qigong System, The Way of the Pointing Hand, Traditional Sun 73 Tai Chi. Systems I’ve studied include Radiant Lotus Qigong, Yang Style long and short forms, Wu short form, Blue Lotus Qigong, Iron Shirt Qigong, Push-Hands Tai Chi.

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