Balance,   Strength   &   Harmony
      of      Mind,  Body   and  Spirit
With regular practice, Tai Chi imbues the strength of a warrior, the flexibility of a child and the wisdom of the sage.-taiji classics

Classes are designed to promote health, well-being and an overall stress-free lifestyle that activates the inner healing mechanisms within each of us.  These ancient healing arts have been effectively used for centuries as potent physical and mental therapy.  Tai chi and qigong don't heal us.  Tai chi and qigong are time-tested techniques that activate the true source of healing that resides within  each of us.  These techniques have been evolving for centuries to create a complete system of mindbody health care with no bad side-effects that's gentle enough for the ill of health but powerful enough to challenge even professional athletes.  "With regular practice" this ancient healing knowledge will make your stronger, more flexible and even wiser. Modern research shows these practices improve cognitive and physical functioning across the board. Qigong and tai chi are affordable, universal health care. Ancient medicine for modern times. 

   Check out our videos under the Resources tab, learn more about qigong and tai chi on the About tab and drop into any of the classes currently on the schedule under Classes.  Private and corporate training are always available.  Looking forward to practicing with you. 

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ShiFu Lea Williamson     

Central Brevard County, FL  USA

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