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On-Going Classes: $10/class or $65/mo unlimited


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Create more depth and meaning in your life with the moving meditations of qi gong and tai chi

      These ancient healing arts have been effectively used for centuries as potent physical and mental therapy.  Tai chi and qigong don't heal us.  Tai chi and qigong are time-tested techniques that activate the true source of healing that resides within us.  These techniques have been evolving for centuries to create a complete system of mindbody health care with no bad side-effects, that's gentle enough for the ill of health but powerful enough to challenge even professional athletes.  "With regular practice" this ancient healing knowledge will make you stronger, more flexible and even wiser by adding more depth and meaning to every day life through the wisdom of the ancients. Modern research shows these practices improve cognitive and physical functioning across the board. Qigong and tai chi are affordable, universal health care:  Ancient medicine for modern times. 


      What’s the difference between tai chi and qigong?  Check out the  blog post here: 



   Ready to jump in and get started? Click here for self guided video training in Tai Chi 1, Tai Chi 2 and loads of Qigong videos with a growing library. Click here to preview our video collection free for 3 days: 




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"Excellent video content."  -  Bul

"Good lessons with lots of details included." - Marje


"Very professional video." - Michael


"My compliments. Superbly done." - Walter


"Since I started following ShiFu Lea's tai chi videos. . .I've lost over 40 pounds in just 4 months! . . .Tai chi really works!"  -Kirk

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