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Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi

What is Qigong and Tai Chi?


Qigong (“chee gong”) is the world’s oldest longevity practice: between 5,000-10,000 years old. Developed to keep people healthy without doctors, all qigong uses the same tools in different ways: Breathwork, Special Movements, Visualization & Massage. Part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, qigong emphasizes breath more than tai chi does. It is gentle, effective, evidence-based, holistic medicine.

Tai Chi

TAI CHI (“tie chee”) is a slow motion flowing version of qigong.  Tai chi has been dubbed by Harvard Health as “moving medication” because of the healing bio-chemistry that it activates.  Around 2,000 years old, tai chi offers more cognitive and mobility benefits than qigong because of learning & remembering the sequences. While tai chi is a martial art, our classes focus on health not fighting.