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Traditional Sun 73 Tai Chi Online Course

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Sun 73 Tai Chi online course is beginner friendly and suitable for those wanting to learn a traditional long form. Sun Style tai chi is gentle, imparting a sense of calm and peace. While tai chi is a martial art practiced in slow motion, these lessons emphasize health, not fighting applications. The course offers self-paced training, informational sides, principles, printable routine, questions to deepen practice and LOADS of videos: Warm-up set, then flow the whole routine one section at a time, then detail the next step in the sequence. The course keeps track of your progress to pick up where you left off. Traditional Sun 73 Tai Chi takes participants deep into a long, flowing routine that imparts a sense of lightness, strength, agility and powerful chi/energy connection. **This course is still under construction with projected completion set by end of 2023. CURRENTLY UP: Section 1, Section 2 up to move #29. * Beautiful Beach videos begin near start of Section 2. At 150 years old, Sun Style is the most modern incarnation of the moving meditation called tai chi. It was developed by undefeated martial arts master Sun Lu Tang who was known to possess great energy skills. Unlike the other traditional styles of tai chi, Sun Style places emphasis on awareness of breath throughout the entire practice. Learn more about Sun Style and Master Sun Lu Tang in this blog post:



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