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 "Lea is the best teacher. She makes you want to be there. I am having much improvement at the chiropractor since I started her class. The chiropractor suggested I take qigong. It's nice to do an exercise that isn't a typical routine.  I enjoy being there."

                           -- Linda 




"After one class I'm already breathing better.  Even though it doesn't seem like you're moving much, it really is a good workout."

                            -- Patty

"I am a physician-scientist with an analytical mind, but found the (breath workshop) presentation and exercises to be presented in an objective, logical and clear manner-enough to satisfy even my expectations.  The results of the pratice were truly phenomenal, very powerful.  It is difficult to teach something that doesn't have an objective measurement, but Lea nails it."


“Wuji Gong is better than the hassle of therapy!  It’s like I get to work on my physical and mental health at the same time.  I love Wuji!”   

   — Rollin, Melbourne Beach, FL

"I would definatly recommend The Ultimate Breathing Workshop.  Lea is an excellent, caring teacher.  Loved the class.  Breath is so important.  It's fantastic to learn how to get empowered by breathing."

                               -- Lilyanna


"I studied Tae Kwon Do for over 6 years. I have been looking for another martial art to study now that I'm in my 60s and feel blessed to have found Ms. Williamson's tai chi class. She teaches not only by example but also verbal communication skills that allow students to observe and appreciate the art.  I would encourage anyone of any age to attend these classes if their goal is to imprpve both strength and overall health."              --Susan W.

"I came to qigong class exhausted from my gym workout, expecting to stay just a few minutes and leave.  After a full hour of standing and walking qigong I felt restored and energized.  Amazing rejuvenating workout!"     

    - Nancy, Cocoa Beach Health & Fitness, 2019

"I have been practicing Tai Chi on and off for about 4 years. Lea has been my teacher for almost half that time. She is an excellent instructor; very knowledgeable, knows multiple Tai Chi styles and forms, as well as Qigong. Lea is always full of positive energy. She encourages everyone, regardless of skill level. She keeps class interesting with background information as part of the class. She has both the patience teaching the beginner and can critique advanced students. 


Following her example, I now do Tai Chi daily. For me, it is about long term quality of life. I may or may not live longer because of Tai Chi, but I will have a better quality of life for my effort. Tai Chi is truly "good for what ails you", as the old saying goes.


Attending Lea's weekly classes also keeps my Tai Chi batteries charged. Spending an hour or two with Tai Chi people, learning new things, and getting critique keeps me on my toes."



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Melbourne Beachsider Newspaper article
from Melbourne Beachsider Magazine  Aug. 2017