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Biking for Qi Gallery of Inspirations

The 2016 Qi Revolution in Daytona Beach was full of inspirations. The Slow Motion travel by bike was so enjoyable that I've decided to embrace bike travel even more than I already do.

Slow motion life is a more human(e) life. Not one butterfly, caterpillar or love bug was harmed by me getting to Daytona. Travelling on familiar roads at a slower pace brings more appreciation. Biking instead of driving left a Zero Carbon Footprint, did NOT contribute to noise pollution or support the oil industry, kept me healthy and made me ONE LESS CAR in traffic.

Challenging myself to be a little out of my usual comfort zones also helped fortify my self-confidence and helped stoke my qi fire.

I used several qi gong techniques during the 189 mile ride: micro-cosmic orbit of qi to keep energy flowing for endurance ride, skin breathing to filter pollutants from cars, and of course the circular motions of cycling reminds me to let go, flow and let the bike/qi do the work for me. Biking is economy of motion, just like tai chi.

You can click on each photo to see how it inspired me along the Biking for Qi journey.

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