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Beachside Qigong & Tai Chi

Keep Calm, Do Qigong

A strong immune system fights all illness and disease. As tai chi and qigong practices build the immune system while reducing stress these bio-technologies will help us stay strong and healthy despite our current coronavirus situation. Stay calm as stress weakens the immune system. Do breathing exercises, relax.

If we can fight cancer on a daily basis (which we all do in varying degrees) then our body is strong enough to fight off Covid19. Those are the sentiments of Dr. Paul Lam, MD, head of the Tai Chi for Health Institute in his latest email to instructors. He is a family physician for over 30 years and a global tai chi leader. By doing our daily immune building, stress reducing practices we are already ahead of this. If you’re not currently practicing qigong or tai chi, now is a great time to start. The YouTube channel Beachside Qigong could become your best training parter in the near future with loads of qigong and tai chi training videos.

All outdoor classes on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays will continue as well as those at Blissful Energy. Brevard County libraries are beginning to shut down our sessions by closing meeting rooms and doors but I will continue to teach outdoors at these venues for the benefit of those who wish to stay chi strong. Breathe, relax. We got this!

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