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Surfing Chi Social Workshop

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Hello Chi family! Hope all’s well with you and yours. If you’re interested in learning how to surf the changing waves of chi/energy while getting together with friends at a safe distance outdoors, you’re in luck! The first Surfing Chi Social and Workshop is finally scheduled! All the details can be found at:

Why am I doing this? If you haven’t read my “paradigm-shifting” Amazon #1 New Release Surfing the Sea of Chi yet, here’s the short answer to that question. My whole life I was terrified of water. Didn’t matter if it was a swimming pool, rive, lake or ocean-I quaked in fear at the mere thought of putting my foot in. At 40 years old I decided to overcome that fear by learning how to surf. Little did I know at the time that surfing would change my life for the better in ways I didn’t even comprehend. Now, with 12 years of surfing behind me I can say that learning to surf made me a total badass because I faced my deepest, darkest fear head on and now have a profound relationship with all things water. I’m so convinced that surfing can heal us on multiple levels that I’ve dedicated 1% of my profits from the book to the Sebastian Inlet Surfrider Founder to help support their work to keep our beaches accessible to all and our community more ocean friendly.

Many of our chi family have expressed an interest in learning to surf but that they want some friends to do it with or some guidance in either wave riding or overcoming their own water fear. So the Surfing Chi Workshop and Social is now coming together-thank goodness the water is warm! The “social” part is free to just get together with water-loving chi friends and build some more community connections. The idea is to meet and greet and play together with people in our age group, of our mindset and exchange info to continue surfing and playing in the ocean together as friends.

The workshop part is structured to introduce newbies to the safety, chi, fun and camaraderie of surfing both in the water and surfing chi on land. We WILL be getting wet and playing! Once a confident group of chi surfers is established, the workshop part will go away and we’ll just get together to surf chi or sim enjoy the ocean with new water oriented, chi-loving friends to share some stoke together outdoors on our beautiful beaches.

I understand that many are shying away from group activities right now. I feel safe in conducting this event outdoors on the beach in the clean salt air and being able to maintain an appropriate distance. Many psychologists are advising us to not self isolate (unless sick or at risk) because of the lasting emotional effects isolation can have. I feel it’s highly appropriate for healthy people to gather safely and play outdoors together.

If you feel the same and are ready for some local community building in a fun, healthy environment, please check out the details of both the social and workshop events by clicking this link: Reserve your place for the “limited seating” workshop by buying “tickets” here:

Only a few spots left for this unique local event so reserve your spot now before it’s too late!

I’m crazy stoked to surf chi with you soon! Stay healthy and strong, my chi friend!

ShiFu and enthusiastic longboard surfer,

Lea Williamson

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Lea Williamson, ShiFu
Lea Williamson, ShiFu

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